Saturday, November 7, 2009

Practical Gifts, Never to Gather Dust!

Holidays come and go, and so are holiday gifts. Don't let yours merely gathers dust in your recipient's storage!

Here are five holiday gifts ideas under $30 that are practical and suitable for all genders, and almost all age!

1. Desk Calendar, from $12.99

A fun way to usher in the new year, desk calendars feature a variety of themes, which allows for personalization. Try this Would You Rather ... 2010 Desk Calendar for the jokers in your life. From inspirational to down right disturbing, these cost from $12.99 and up.

2. Magazine subscription, from $4.69

Easy to read and very portable, magazine subscriptions with six to twelve issue annually start at $4.69 online. Subscription to the more popular magazines cost more, but many are not over $30.
3. Personalized Stamps, from $18.95

No one likes paying bills, but personalized stamps could change that. A sheet of 20 self-adhesive postage, good for the mailings of 20 standard 1-oz letters, costs $18.95. Choose from the available photo gallery or use your personal picture to create these custom-made stamps.

4. Pedometer, from $29.77

Pedometer is a small, beeper-like device that allows the wearer to track how many steps he or she has taken. What is a more fun way to be physically active? It can even track distance taken and calories burnt!

5. Credit in digital photo sharing service, any amount

An awesome way to preserve the holiday memories, internet based digital photo sharing services such as or allow the users not only to print pictures online, but also create various keepsakes using their pictures. A $30 credit in the form of gift certificate can purchase many prints, mugs, or mouse pads, depends on the personality of the recipients. This way, you let them pick their own gifts!

Christmas Gifts under $50 for Parents

Showing your parents that you care does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.
Here are four Christmas gift ideas under $50 that will say how much you appreciate them!

1. Digital Picture Viewer

Parents always delight in pictures of loved ones. Digital picture viewer displays pictures in a slide show format, and some can even play audio and movies. Think of all those precious memories that your parents would enjoy looking at over and over again!

How much? Around $40. The higher the picture resolution is, the costlier it will be.

2. Cashmere Scarf

The weather might be frightful, but the cashmere is magnificently delightful! Choose darker colors such as burgundy or brown for dads, and lighter colors like ivory or tan for moms.

How much? A great cashmere scarf tipically costs around $50 and upward. Check the label to make sure it's 100% cashmere and not wool blend, and go for 2-ply or higher for warmer fabric.

3. Electronic Massager

After a long day at work, an electronic massager is a great way to wind down. There are various massagers available in the market, such as hand-held massagers, head massagers, back massagers, et cetera. Personalize this gift based on your recipient's needs.

How much? Prices vary, depending on features and quality. But for under $50 you can get brand name massager with great features.

4. Spa Gift Certificate

A trip to the spa once in a while is a relaxing way to rejuvenate one's self. Most spas even have an array of services tailored specifically to men, so your dads don't need to feel out of place here!

How much? A $50 spa gift certificate can buy a 30-minute facials, tension relief massage, manicure/pedicure, among other things.

'Tis indeed the season for caring and giving, and I wish you a happy holidays and happy gift-giving season with your family.